Our services include:

Cement Wholesale Business

A major part of exploitation in Construction sector is from the local distributors of cement. Our Cement wholesale division directly deals with the cement manufacturers and trade at price well below than market price. Our average daily business is around 30 million ton, and the annual turnover is around Rs.3.5 crore.

Neethi SuperMarket

We sell groceries at a price well below than prevailing market price with Government subsidy. The annual turnover is around Rs. 12 lakhs.

Fertilizer Division

The fertilizer division trades chemical and bio fertilizers to the farming community in farmers’ friendly terms. We also undertake timely supply of pesticides and farming equipments, supporting the agrarian economy of our service area and neighborhood. Our annual turnover is around Rs. 60 lakhs.

Festival Fares

We open festival fares during Onam and Vishu seasons every year. The Onam fares are well appreciated for its effective market intervention and preventing market prices from shooting up during Onam days. We sell groceries and vegetables at relatively lower prices with out any profit motive. Our Vishu fares procure crackers directly from sivakasi market and sell at company price.